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Technical Service

  • 2D Double Tube Isometric
  • 3D Double Tube Isometric


Professional customer service and competent client support from planning to commissioning by qualified and experienced experts.


Easy basic engineering based on standardised jacketed components and appropriate double tube pipe classes by customer. The commonly expensive detail engineering for jacketed piping systems will be completely performed by specialists of MH-ROHR.

  • 2D-CAD-Planning (AutoCAD)
  • 3D-CAD-Planning (on request)


  • Strength calculation acc. DIN/EN/AD2000 and ANSI/ASME
  • Stress calculation/statical analysis acc. ASME B31.1/B31.3 or EN 13480-3
  • Thermo technical design of double tube heat exchangers (on request)
  • 3D-Computational fluid dynamics simulation (on request)


Suitable and innovative double tube solutions (prototypes, single and serial parts) and double tube pipe classes for individual demands.


MH-ROHR - Your competent partner for innovative double tube solutions!